Day 13: 2nd Supervision at ITU

We have spend the day at ITU. At 10, we met with our supervisor Oliver. I (Julie) was a bit anxious, since supervision always is a bit of a turning point in project work. However, it did not seem that there were the big turning points to be made in our work, which is a bit of a relief.

In supervision we talked about

  • What is a product? The difference between and product and a service
  • It would be cool if we could map the product
  • The perception of the product changes according to whom we are talking to
  • In our research question, we need to change wording from ‘big data’ to ‘date driven practices’. This embraces the practices in the intersection of BI and BDA much better.
  • We should only use theory if it makes sense. (Banal indeed, but a good reminder)
  • We should figure out how to conduct the study and reflect more about whether we are attacking the topic with a ‘lens’ or if we are doing it bottom up. We talked about open innovation and grounded theory in this context.


  • We are going to conduct more interviews.
  • We need to start producing. All the knowledge is in our head. The art is to get it down on paper.


  • Transcribe Interviews
  • Continue work on ontology  
  • Write Intriduction
  • Write thesis…

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