Day 5: 20 texts in one week

Today we met up at KUB Nord and made a reading plan. In the phase we are in right now, are we etablishing an understanding of the various concepts, we believe we are going to treat in our thesis.

The concepts we agreed on was: Big Data, (Big) Data Analytics, Information, Innovation, Organisation & Processes and Data Driven Decision Making.

We have received 20 texts from our supervisors and the goal is to have read all of them by Sunday. WE CAN DO IT! So the state of the nation i still read-read-read, however it was a great to make an actual plan so we(Morten & I) have a common understanding of where we are headed.

We seperated early from KUB Nord today so we could go home an read. However, we have also agreed/stated that we interrested in doing this thesis in collaboration, meaning that we are expecting to be together(time and space) in our work processes.

Next: On Wednesday are we going to meet up on ITU and do some more reading (surprise, surprise)


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